WCAG 1.2.3 Audio Description or Full Text Description of Video

For all prerecorded video files, there must be either an audio description or a full text description.

An audio description provides important information (e.g. actions, characters, scene changes) during pauses in the dialogue of a video.

A full text description provides all visual information contained in the video. Think of it as a text transcript with all important context (e.g. scenery, expressions, laughter, etc.).

What to do?

  • provide a version of the video with an audio description
  • if there are insufficient pauses to convey information during a video, use a full description

Note that if your video’s sound conveys all relevant information, no audio description is needed.

If you’re noticing some overlap, between the success criteria, that’s because there is.


Plain English Explanation

If you’re noticing some overlap between the success criteria, that’s because there is.

You’ll need to create an audio description version of your video because an audio description ends up being required by 1.2.5.