WCAG 3.2.2 No Automatic Change on Input

Nothing on a website should automatically change just because a user inputs text, checks a box, or navigates down a drop down box.

What to do?

  • Check your website to make sure nothing automatically happens just because an interactive element receives input


Plain English Explanation

This is almost the same as 3.2.1 but this time we’re making sure that adding input doesn’t create an automatic change.  In 3.2.1 we were talking about focus. For example, adding data to a text field should not result in the form being submitted. As another example, checking a check box next to the shipping address you want to use for your order doesn’t automatically complete the checkout.

Can you see that familiar theme shining through once again?

Put the user in control. 3.2.2 shouldn’t be a problem for your website but it is definitely something that needs to be verified and accounted for.