Get Certified.

July 15, 2019: We’re almost ready to launch!  Expected finish date is July 17. certified accessible seal of approval
man with paralysis uses laptop computer with the help of technology

What is certifies websites as accessible using the Web Accessibility Standards (WAS).

We examine websites, ensure they meet WAS, and then place our “Certified Accessible” seal of approval in the footer.

This seal contains our iconic “a” accessible logo and tells everyone that your website is “Certified Accessible”.

We also provide services to help everyone around the world become more web accessible.

child with intellectual disability using laptop with the help of his father

A More Accessible Web

We believe that making websites accessible to persons with disabilities needs to be as easy as possible.

To accomplish this, we provide information, products, and services as solutions to web accessibility.

We strive to make the process of web accessibility easy, simple, and quick.

We work with small businesses, corporations, goverment officials, and other entities to take web accessibility to the next level.

kris rivenburgh - man in checkered shirt smiling and leaning against chairs in conference room

Kris Rivenburgh
Chief Executive Officer

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Susan Ullrich
Lead Advisor

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Rachel Grove
Marketing Advisor