The ADA Compliance Course Reduces Risk of Litigation

The ADA Compliance Course is an SOP or step-by-step instructions that website owners can give to their developers to make their websites more accessible and significantly reduce risk of litigation.

This course is comprised of 15 lessons that identify an accessibility issue and then provide instructions on how you find that issue (audit) and then fix (remediate) that issue.

Your team is not only being trained on accessibility, they are taking action as they are being trained.

So an audit is being performed and remediation is occurring.

Now what is very important is the issues contained in the lessons of this course are the most commonly claimed issues in litigation.

I have looked through hundreds of complaints and demand letters from plaintiffs’ lawyers.  The law firms include:

  • Pacific Trial Attorneys (Scott J. Ferrell)
  • J. Courtney Cunningham, Esq.
  • Gottlieb & Associates (Michael A. LaBollita)
  • Stein Saks, LLC (Mark Rozenberg)
  • Law Office of Pelayo Duran, P.A.
  • Roderick V. Hannah, Esq., P.A.
  • The Law Office of Noor A Saab, Esq.
  • Wilshire Law Firm, Thiago M. Coelho, Esq.
  • Lawrence H. Fisher
  • Marcus & Zelman, LLC (Yitzchak Zelman, Esq.)
  • The Manning Law Firm

I know exactly what issues are being claimed and those issues are incorporated into this course.

Moreover, I have prioritized those issues. So all your team has to do is follow the chronological order of the lessons and they will be able to remediate exactly as I would.

And what’s great is this course is much lower cost than the traditional route of outsourcing a manual audit and remediation.

The manual work is still being done, but it’s now your team that is doing the work at a much lower cost.

The ADA Compliance Course is written to be both efficient and effective: to save time, to save money, and get directly to the point so that your website is more accessible as a result.

Buy the ADA Compliance Course so your team can get started.