ADA Website Compliance for Beginners

The ADA Book is a great place to start when you are trying to understand ADA compliance and digital accessibility.

The ADA Book is a concise overview of the legal landscape complemented by information on practical implementation and approach. And really understanding the industry and the different terms that are used.

You may have seen the terms: audit, user testing, scans, checkers, overlays, Section 504, Section 508, VPATs, ACRs – The ADA Book does puts everything into context so that you are working from a strong knowledge foundation and you can move forward with- with informed decisions.

Beyond The ADA Book, my YouTube channel, @adabook will answer most of your questions and expounds upon some sections in the book.

I wrote the book is if I was getting started in website accessibility and trying to learn this space – and from any point of view it could be from a defense attorney’s point of view, it could be from a Shopify owner’s point of view – anybody’s point of view if you’re trying to learn the space, The ADA Book is where you start.

So that’s where I would start if I was trying to learn about ADA compliance, website accessibility, digital accessibility and trying to figure this out.

How to Prevent a Lawsuit?

I designed the ADA Compliance Course (ACC) so that you can give the course to your team as instructions on how to fix the most commonly claimed issues in ADA website lawsuits. The ACC is really an SOP for your web team. Your team can get started in minutes at

Because your team will be manually remediating your website and genuinely improving the accessibility, this will not only significantly improve access but significantly lower your chance of being sued.