The Best Values in Website Accessibility

In quick order, here is where you get the best ROI:

  • Automated Scans: Free preliminary assessment of site’s accessibility status.
  • Consultants: Offer guidance to navigate pitfalls and streamline efforts.
  • Education & Training: Equip teams to create compliant content and code.
  • Accessibility Statement: Demonstrates commitment, aiding in marketing.
  • VPAT/ACR: A testament to the product’s accessibility, valuable for marketing.

In the evolving landscape of digital interaction, ensuring website accessibility is pivotal. Here’s an overview of the best practices to maximize return on investment in website accessibility.

1. Automated Scans: A no-cost solution, automated scans like Wave provide an initial assessment of a website’s accessibility. While they’re not exhaustive, they offer an immediate snapshot, identifying some of the most glaring accessibility issues. However, the belief that a zero-error scan equates to complete accessibility is a misconception.

2. Consultants: Think of a consultant as your accessibility navigator. They not only steer you clear of pitfalls but also offer a roadmap to achieve holistic website accessibility. While the immediate concern might be avoiding litigation, consultants can guide you to concurrently focus on complete WCAG conformance.

3. Education & Training: ADA Compliance Course and the WCAG course are standout resources. They’re designed to ensure teams understand ADA requirements and WCAG guidelines, including the upcoming WCAG 2.2. Training arms teams to proactively address potential issues, enabling them to integrate accessibility into the content and coding processes.

4. Accessibility Statement: Beyond a mere statement, this serves as a testament to your commitment to accessibility. It’s a platform to highlight efforts such as training, consulting, and audits. As customers increasingly prioritize accessibility, this statement can boost sales, as it often translates to a better overall user experience.

5. VPAT/ACR: Accessibility Conformance Report (ACR), often referred to as VPAT, details the accessibility of a product or service. While not inherently a marketing tool, it’s invaluable in that capacity. It offers transparency and showcases commitment to accessibility, providing potential clients with an understanding of the product’s or service’s accessibility features.

In summary, the journey to website accessibility is multifaceted. While each method brings value, a holistic approach ensures not only compliance but also enhances user experience and brand perception.

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