ADA Website Compliance Guide: Accessibility and The Law

Many people are understandably confused by ADA compliance as it applies to the digital world.’Many people are understandably confused by ADA compliance as it applies to the digital world. In this plain English guide, we will succinctly outline the law, the technical standards, the legal landscape, best practices on how to make your website ADA … Read more

Why Corporations Can’t Stop ADA Website Lawsuits

Website accessibility has become a focal point for many companies, with some of the world’s most significant firms facing repeated lawsuits. Despite investing in accessibility audits and spending vast sums on solutions, the lawsuits persist. The core issue? A misunderstanding of what truly prevents litigation. Here’s a bulleted breakdown: In conclusion, while technical ADA compliance … Read more

The Best Values in Website Accessibility

In quick order, here is where you get the best ROI: In the evolving landscape of digital interaction, ensuring website accessibility is pivotal. Here’s an overview of the best practices to maximize return on investment in website accessibility. 1. Automated Scans: A no-cost solution, automated scans like Wave provide an initial assessment of a website’s … Read more

Got You Covered Transcript

Apple Podcast Episode: HB Got You Covered Podcast: ADA Website Compliance (To learn more about Hickok & Boardman Insurance Group (an Acrisure Agency Partner), visit Introduction: Welcome to Got you Covered, presented by Hickok and Boardman Insurance Group. The podcast where we unpack the countless ways in which insurance affects our lives and so … Read more

ADA Website Training

There is nothing in the market like the ADA Compliance Course. The ADA Compliance Course is accessibility training designed for website owners to give to their web team so developers, content editors, and/or designers can find and fix accessibility issues as they are being trained. What sets this course apart from all other training is … Read more

Website Accessibility Can Be an Upfront Cost with Training

As you’re initially remediating your digital assets for accessibility there is a significant cost associated with accessibility. That is because you have to hire experts to perform a manual audit and to remediate your website for accessibility. What’s very important is that you train your employees, your staff, your contractors so that they become experts … Read more

The Pros and Cons of “ADA Website Compliance Checkers”

 Website accessibility checkers or ADA website compliance checkers these are more appropriately referred to as automated scans or automated accessibility scans. They’re automated tools and they detect accessibility issues but the way they work is they use if-this, then-that rules. These scans are not conclusive. A scan is the start and it’s a very … Read more

No Product / Software Can Make Your Website ADA Compliant

 There is no product you can buy to make your website “ADA compliant”. I put ADA compliance in quotes because we don’t have a definitive standard that tells us exactly when we’ve made a website (or any other digital asset) ADA compliant. The legal standard for ADA Title III compliance is meaningful access. And, … Read more

The ADA Compliance Course Reduces Risk of Litigation

The ADA Compliance Course is an SOP or step-by-step instructions that website owners can give to their developers to make their websites more accessible and significantly reduce risk of litigation. This course is comprised of 15 lessons that identify an accessibility issue and then provide instructions on how you find that issue (audit) and then … Read more