Accessible Theme for WordPress Makes ADA Website Compliance Affordable, Meets WCAG 2.0 AA

Listen to Podcast Episode 2 (MP3 File Download) Welcome to the Podcast. My name is Kris Rivenburgh and I have some extremely exciting news. It’s been almost exactly a year since I first had the idea to create a fully accessible WordPress theme, and today that idea is now a solution. So here is … Read more

Website Accessibility Audits for ADA Compliance – Manual Review Cost and Timeline

Listen to Podcast Episode 5 (MP3 File Download) Full Transcript Below This is the podcast. My name is Kris Rivenburgh. Today we’re going to talk about website accessibility audits. If you don’t know the difference between website accessibility and ADA compliance, think of accessibility as the technical side. It’s where we get into WCAG … Read more

ADA Website Compliance in 2020: What’s the Legal Outlook on Web Accessibility? (Ep. 1)

Listen to Podcast Episode 1 (MP3 File Download) Full Transcript Below: This is Episode 1 of the Certified Accessible Podcast. In this episode, I will cover the following bullet points: First, why an ADA Website Compliance law or regulation is unlikely for 2020 Second, how federal court rulings and DOJ actions have already told us … Read more