New Accessible Theme Makes WordPress Accessibility Easy in 2020

If you’ve heard about the ADA Website Compliance demand letters and lawsuits spreading like wildfire (and Unruh Act claims in California), then you’ve scrambled for a solution; something that will give you relief and make you confident knowing that your website is accessible.

As someone who knows better than anyone what website owners are up against, I created a product that can immediately help millions of people: Accessible Theme.

Accessible Theme is a simple, good looking theme that is not only accessible out of the box (it meets all WCAG 2.0 AA success criteria) but it is designed to eliminate accessibility errors on the website owner’s end while providing instructions on how to make your content creation and uploads accessible.

In other words, not only do you get an accessible website but you also get accessibility training as you use WordPress.

It’s important to note that this isn’t a plugin, widget, or toolbar overlay; Accessible Theme is actually coded for accessibility.

Accessible Theme also passes WebAim’s WAVE automated tool with 0 errors.

Plaintiff’s lawyers commonly use WAVE when deciding whether or not to send a demand letter or file a lawsuit so this is a huge deal.

Additionally, to make life easier on you, a customizable accessibility policy (based on Accessible Theme) comes with every purchase.

And, if you’re not tech savvy and need someone to install WordPress and activate the theme for you, you can purchase that as well.

But despite all of this, we’re not done improving the design or technical aspects of the theme.

All buyers receive an initial 1 year of FREE updates where we will be rolling out already planned updates along with suggestions and improvements from the feedback we receive.

The starting price is $199 for early buyers but this will very likely increase to $299 in early 2020.

Who Can Use Accessible Theme?

There are many entities (especially in New York and Florida) who are actually deleting their website or putting up a placeholder page while they try to figure out a solution.

Local governments, agencies, schools, entrepreneurs, small businesses, non-profits, and others are caught between not wanting to take their website down, not knowing how exactly to remediate or fix it), and not being able to afford the cost of remediation from accessibility specialist agencies.

Accessible Theme is for everyone and will bring you into compliance with Section 508 or Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

If nothing else, you can use it to make a functional, easy to use placeholder website while you remediate your existing website.

Obviously, Accessible Theme doesn’t account for PDFs, independent documents, and other outside third party content but it is the best filter for uploading traditional website content (text, images, video, and audio) and provides full instructions on how to upload those so that everyone, including persons with disabilities can access them.

We’re very excited by this theme.  It’s an official product.  It’s going to help people around the world fully access websites.

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