Prioritize 3 Website Accessibility Issues to Lower Risk of an ADA Lawsuit

The three most important issues you want to account for when trying to prevent any type of ADA compliance website accessibility litigation are as follows.

One, you want to make sure that any images have a sufficient alternative description.

If the image is merely decorative then you would want to have a null alt attribute, but if the image is meaningful then you would definitely want to have an alt text value that sufficiently and concisely describes what that image is.

Next, you want to make sure that any interactive components on your website are programmatically labeled and have any applicable name, state, role, or value assigned.

And then you also want to make sure that your website is fully keyboard navigable and that at no time does anybody get stuck when using a keyboard.

You need to account for anything that anybody can click on a button link and links aren’t as difficult but the point is that interactive components are very, very important but they also give rise and they also give rise to a number of potential accessibility issues and you want to make sure you have those accounted for.

Of course these aren’t exhaustive. There are many more important accessibility considerations to be made.

How to Prevent a Lawsuit?

I designed the ADA Compliance Course (ACC) so that you can give the course to your team as instructions on how to fix the most commonly claimed issues in ADA website lawsuits. The ACC is really an SOP for your web team. Your team can get started in minutes at

Because your team will be manually remediating your website and genuinely improving the accessibility, this will not only significantly improve access but significantly lower your chance of being sued.