Website Accessibility Can Be an Upfront Cost with Training

As you’re initially remediating your digital assets for accessibility there is a significant cost associated with accessibility.

That is because you have to hire experts to perform a manual audit and to remediate your website for accessibility.

What’s very important is that you train your employees, your staff, your contractors so that they become experts in their own right.

Let’s use a designer as an example.  Once a designer is aware of accessibility considerations, then they’re going to know what the appropriate color contrast ratios are, they’re going to be able to consider color scheme with a focus indicator, they’re going to understand that they need to make they- they need to limit the use of text embedded within images, and they’re going to understand everything within their role as it relates to accessibility and make that a part of their process.

The same thing goes with developers and content creators and anyone that’s uploading content or creating content, they’re going to know relative to their role or specific to their role exactly what they need to do for accessibility.

And so accessibility is simply going to become a part of your process, it’s not going to be something that you need to outsource every time.

This is why accessibility training is so pivotal: your team can incorporate as part of the process which means much less work after the fact.

How to Prevent a Lawsuit?

I designed the ADA Compliance Course (ACC) so that you can give the course to your team as instructions on how to fix the most commonly claimed issues in ADA website lawsuits. The ACC is really an SOP for your web team. Your team can get started in minutes at

Because your team will be manually remediating your website and genuinely improving the accessibility, this will not only significantly improve access but significantly lower your chance of being sued.