Introduction from Kris helps everyone – from individuals to corporations – make their websites (and other digital assets) accessible to persons with disabilities and follow best practices for ADA compliance.

I’ve modeled after how I would like a business to operate rather than how it “should” be operated.  This means:

  • Price ranges are listed on the services page
  • Custom quotes are easy to get
  • Fair, one-time prices
  • No subscriptions
  • Deliverables are of excellent quality
  • Good turnaround times
  • No outreach emails

ADA Book coverI believe these bullet points and other redeeming qualities make the best option for digital accessibility services.

Products and Services

My WCAG Course with video explanations of all 50 WCAG success criteria organized into lessons is now available.

The ADA Compliance Course trains your team on how to find and fix the 15 most commonly claimed accessibility issues in litigation. This course is also now available.

My WCAG 2.1 AA checklist and guide are 100% free to download (no subscription necessary).

My book, The ADA Book (Amazon affiliate link – opens in new tab), teaches you the legal landscape and helps you understand the website accessibility market.

Also, my YouTube channel @adabook, is an educational resource that covers all of the essential information when it comes to best practices for ADA compliance.

Read my article on website accessibility certification to find out your best options for certifying your website as “ADA compliant”.

Read my article on 2023 ADA compliance for websites post to find out more developments in the legal landscape.

My ADA Compliance for Websites article is the perfect overview for beginners.  This landmark article has been viewed over 265,000 times and is updated for 2023.

One note: I take the copyright of all materials produced by and myself very seriously.  If you know of anyone infringing upon my intellectual property rights, I ask that you contact me.

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