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Accessible.org is not only a digital accessibility services provider, we provide free resources used around the world. Our WCAG guides and checklists are relied upon by universities, Fortune 500 companies, web design agencies, small businesses, and many others.

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ADA Compliance Program

Certified Accessible Seal from Accessible.org

Our ADA Compliance Program has everything you need to follow best practices for ADA compliance:

  • WCAG 2.1 AA Audit
  • Code Remediation
  • User Testing
  • Certification with Seal
  • Accessibility Statement
  • Accessibility Support Page

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ADA Compliance Course

In addition to our services, we highly recommend the ADA Compliance Course by Kris Rivenburgh.  The ADA Compliance Course trains your team with step-by-step instructions for improved accessibility, ADA compliance best practices, and is specifically designed to prevent lawsuits.

The ADA Compliance Course is the exact training you need to prevent lawsuits and follow best practices for ADA compliance.

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Accessible.org was founded by Kris Rivenburgh to make ADA compliance and website accessibility easy and affordable for all website owners, but especially small businesses.

As a small business owner, Kris understands how difficult accessibility and compliance can be. Lawsuits can be particularly frustrating because of the cost and time and energy directed to litigation rather than business.


Kris wrote The ADA Book, created Kris’s WCAG guides and checklists (for WCAG 2.1 AA and WCAG 2.2 AA), published Kris’s accessibility statement template, and created The ADA Book YouTube channel to make the necessary information and resources freely available.

Additionally, Kris’s ADA website compliance guide can help anyone understand the legal and practical landscape in just 15 minutes.

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ADA Website Compliance

We specialize in ADA Website Compliance. Our founder, an attorney, wrote the book on ADA compliance for websites.


We have all of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines resources you need including our WCAG 2.1 AA checklist, WCAG 2.2 AA guide, and training.

Accessibility Services

Our website accessibility services are custom for our clients. We take care of everything for you: audits, remediation, and user testing.