October 22, 2019: Accessible.org is currently being updated.

What is Accessible.org?

Accessible.org helps everyone – from individuals to corporations – make their websites accessible to persons with disabilities.

We are working on some very exciting accessibility solutions and free content.  Subscribe below to find out as soon as they are ready.

Three things on subscribing:

  1. I don’t send a lot of emails, that’s annoying.
  2. Whatever I do send, trust me, it’ll be important stuff designed to make accessibility as easy as humanly possible.
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Still researching accessibility?

We also recommend Karl Groves and WebAim as great accessibility providers.

Karl can be found at KarlGroves.com.

WebAim can be found at WebAIM.org.

A More Accessible Web

We believe that making websites accessible to persons with disabilities needs to be as easy as possible.

To accomplish this, we provide information and are in the process of creating products and solutions that make web accessibility simpler and easier.

Kris Rivenburgh
Accessible.org Founder