Web Accessibility Training

Web accessibility training is crucial for reaching and maintaining WCAG 2.1 AA conformance and reducing the cost of digital accessibility. This is why we offer both live workshops and on-demand courses.

We offer live training in both English and Hindi.

Live WCAG Workshops

Would you like your team to learn WCAG 2.1 AA in real-time? We can workshop accessibility with your team live. Contact us to ask about our workshops.

Custom Accessibility Training

If you need accessibility training tailored to a specific audience or topic, we can also customize our training to meet your needs.

On-Demand WCAG Course

We also offer on-demand training that you can access and start learning from right now.

Sign up for our WCAG Course offered through ADACompliance.net.

Course Content and Structure

The WCAG Course includes individual lessons for all 50 WCAG 2.1 AA success criteria as well as the 6 new success criteria in WCAG 2.2 AA.

Each lesson contains simple, easy to understand explanations of what is required for each success criterion. The video and text explanations make it easy for anyone to learn what is required – even non-technical beginners who know nothing about accessibility.

Each lesson links to the official W3C documentation and, where applicable, we’ve even curated helpful resources in case your team wants to explore the success criterion further.

Application of Principles

While the principles outlined in these requirements are designed for web content (websites, web pages, web apps, videos, images, etc.), they are also applicable to all digital assets, including mobile apps, software, and documents.

Compliance with Digital Accessibility Laws

Given that WCAG conformance is mandated by almost all digital accessibility laws, the WCAG Course can help your team in working towards compliance with many different laws and regulations including:

  • ADA Title II (new web accessibility rule)
  • Section 504 (new HHS rule)
  • Section 508
  • AODA
  • HB21-1110
  • European Accessibility Act (EAA)

Supplemental Materials

To help your team put WCAG into practice, the course includes:

  • Accessibility workflows for designers, developers, and content editors.
  • A master WCAG checklist in Excel spreadsheet format.
  • WCAG in Chunks, which groups similar success criteria together.

These downloads give your organization the reminders and easy reference points they need when coding, designing, or creating content.

Course Design

This highly organized, self-paced course features modules that divide success criteria for WCAG 2.0 AA, 2.1 AA, and 2.2 AA, allowing your team to progress from foundational accessibility to newer success criteria.

We have designed this course to be as efficient and effective as possible, enabling your team to learn accessibility in less time and retain more of the information.

You can learn more about the WCAG Course at WCAGCourse.com.