WCAG 2.1 AA Checklist and Guide

ADA Book cover

Update: My new book, The ADA Book (link opens in a new tab) is now available on Amazon (and Amazons around the world).  This book is a must-have and will give you insider knowledge on how digital accessibility works and what the legal landscape is.

The ADA Book is the perfect complement to my WCAG guide and checklist.

Update 2: My new course, The ADA Compliance Course (link opens in new tab) is now available.  This course provides step-by-step instructions (an SOP) you can give your team on how to find (audit) and fix (remediate) the most commonly claimed accessibility issues in litigation.  This will greatly reduce your risk of being sued.

My WCAG 2.1 AA Checklist and Guide are now 100% free to download without any subscription.

The Checklist is a quick summary list of WCAG success criteria.

The Guide is a more detailed, plain English explanation of each WCAG success criteria.

Download my WCAG 2.1 AA Checklist (PDF – downloads / opens in this tab)

Download my WCAG 2.1 AA Guide (PDF – downloads / opens in this tab)

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Each PDF contains important disclaimers, copyright, and attribution information.