Services offers the following services:

Certification – We will certify your website as accessible.  Certification costs between $499 – $1,499 depending on how much work is involved in examining your website.  An accessibility policy page with our independent certification and date certified is included.  Annual renewal of certification is $199 – $499.  We certify up to 15 pages as accessible.  To certify more than 15 pages will increase the price.

Manual audits – We will manually audit your website and provide you with a comprehensive PDF report including accessibility weak points and how to fix them.  Manual audits range usually from $1,200 – $12,000+.  Price depends on the amount of work (pages + number of deficiencies) involved to conduct the audit.

Remediation – We will remediate or fix your website to be accessible.  Remediation costs between $2,500 – $25,000+ depending on the amount of work necessary to make your website accessible.

Training – We will train your group on web accessibility in-person or online (SKYPE, Zoom, etc.).  Training starts at $3,500.

Independent Consultation – We offer consulting to help with web accessibility.  We can advise on strategy, blueprints, and timelines.  Consultation costs $375/hour.

We offer affordable, upfront pricing.

We include price ranges because the cost depends on the amount of work involved in a remediation or audit.  If you have a very simple, small website, you can expect your cost to be on the very low end.  If your website is larger and contains more dynamic elements, the cost will be on the higher end.

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