Audits offers single, one-time WCAG 2.1 AA audits at a reasonable cost.

Audits are performed manually by a web accessibility expert.

Turnaround time for audit delivery is typically between 2-4 weeks (this varies based on your project’s complexity / size and our current number of work orders.


The price of an audit starts at $3,500 and typically ranges up to $7,500 (although a larger project can be more).

The more dynamic or complex your asset’s URLs / screens are, the more the price increases.

A price quote can typically be provided within 2-3 business days.

If any URLs / screens are non-public facing, we will need a login.

If any actions or purchases are required, we will need a test account.  You will need to supply the item to be purchased and add the cost to your order payment.

Issue Reporting

  • a description of the accessibility issue
  • who is affected by the issue (e.g. those who are colorblind)
  • how to correct the issue
  • priority / severity (high, medium or low) to help with prioritization
  • applicable WCAG references

Testing Methods

  • manual exploratory testing
  • inspection for visual issues
  • keyboard testing
  • screen reader testing (JAWS)
  • inspection of HTML, CSS and ARIA markup
  • a variety of accessibility test tools as appropriate.

Not Included

  • user testing (testing performed by people with disabilities)
  • tech support (we do not work with your development team)
  • legal support (we will not assist with demand letter responses, etc.)
  • remediation (actual fixing of your website, mobile app, etc.)
  • documentation outside of the report (e.g., VPAT / ACR, conformance statement, accessibility policy, etc.)
  • consultation
  • anything beyond the final report

If you would like to ask about the above items, contact me to find out how eSSENTIAL Accessibility’s Accessibility-As-A-Service can provide all services (except for remediation) at one fixed cost (no hidden fees).


Consultation may be available for purchase depending on the nature of the consulting and our availability.

Consultation, when available, is provided in 1 hour blocks.


An audit for the same digital asset can be purchased at a 60% discount for most orders*.

The significant discount is available because we will already be familiar with the asset (e.g., website, app, software, etc.) and its accessibility issues.

*If the asset notably changes or for any reason more work than is expected is involved, the cost will have to be determined.


Email to ask for a quote on your asset.