We certify websites as accessible using the Web Accessibility Standards (WAS).

We then add certified websites to our certified directory so that the certification can be verified.

Once we certify your website, you will receive an official Accessible.org Certified seal that links back to your directory page.

Certified Accessible Seal from Accessible.org with iconic "a" logo in center

If your website is included in our directory, this verifies that your website has been certified.

We will also provide an official statement for your Accessibility Policy page that certifies your website has been certified as accessible.

Certification cost ranges from $499 – $1,499 for the most important 15 pages of a website.

Cost varies depending on the amount of work estimated (e.g. how many headers, images, forms, videos, etc. need to be inspected).

Certification is good for 1 year.

After the first year, the cost for certification renewal is $199 – $399 (assuming no significant re-design or changes to the website).  For a renewal, we re-inspect the website and update the directory listing to continue the active accessible certification status.