Update: I plan to offer this service in the future but developers have proven unreliable so I must wait until I have more reliable developers to work with.

The Remediation Service is specifically designed to make website accessibility affordable to small businesses.

For under $1,000 you can get three (3) hours of high quality, manual accessibility development work on your website and learn about ADA Compliance best practices and website accessibility.*

*We may reject projects if our developers are unavailable or feel they won’t provide sufficient ROI because there is too much work involved (e.g., figuring out how to configure / edit a WordPress builder they’re unfamiliar with).

We will skip the formal audit and get straight to work manually fixing key accessibility issues on your website.

We prioritize these two items during remediation:

  • WAVE automatic scan errors
  • Top 5 plaintiffs’ lawyers claims

We will then work on WCAG 2.1 AA issues starting at Level A (core accessibility issues).

This chronological order is designed to lower legal risk of litigation and target crucial accessibility issues.

Consultation blocks are available for purchase to complement our Remediation Service.

Any project setup calls (for when you need to talk over additional instructions) are charged at a discount rate ($99) for up to 30 minutes.  We must charge for our time.

For questions or custom orders, email

Service Description Remediation Service does two things:

  • We look for accessibility issues on your website
  • We fix them for you

We do not and cannot fix all accessibility issues.

For example, we do not add closed captioning to your videos.

This is not a good use of your money or our time.  You can learn more about what we do not fix in the content details section below.

Rather, we fix the code level stuff that is more advanced for most website owners and requires a developer.

How It Works

  1. You agree to not hold liable for work performed or any accessibility issues.
  2. You fill out the order form.
  3. You purchase the ADA Compliance Course membership ($199).
  4. You pay the Remediation Service invoice ($799).
  5. We confirm your successful payment and order, provide you a timeline estimate, and get to work.
  6. We send you a notification email when we have hit 3 hours along with a quick note on your status.


Manual remediation is only available for those who purchase the ADA Compliance Course membership ($199).

This course will help you:

  • understand best practices for compliance
  • take additional steps to lower risk
  • create an accessibility statement
  • understand how web accessibility works
  • train yourself or your staff on how to maintain accessibility

After you’re enrolled in the ADA Compliance Course, manual remediation is available for purchase ala carte, as a one-time, non-recurring cost.

The base remediation package is $799 for three (3) hours of assessment and manual remediation.*

In these three hours, we will get right to work, finding and fixing prioritized issues on directly on your website.

Three (3) hours gives us enough time to make significant progress in improving the accessibility of your website.

Keep in mind that this time will very likely not give us enough time to account for all accessibility issues on your website, especially if your website has more pages / screens or is more complex / dynamic.

Additional Remediation Service hours are available for $279.

This does not include any pre-call setup time.  If more time is involved in explaining the project to us, we must charge for our time.  Any setup calls are $99 for up to 30 minutes.

Content Details

Because of the material nature of some content, there are several items best left to you to fix such as:

  • numerous instances of alt text
  • summarizing graphics or tables
  • closed captioning on videos
  • text transcripts on audio
  • descriptive headings
  • descriptive page titles
  • images of text
  • rewriting anchor text links

You can learn how to address these items in the ADA Compliance Course.

We have consultation blocks available if you need help making edits to your code.

We will add alt attributes and/or alt text to a handful of images but if we deem there are many images, we will leave the repetitive task of adding alt text to you or your team.

We do our best to balance where our expertise and time is best spent vs. doing repetitive tasks that you or a member of your team could do.

Legal Details does not guarantee that you will not receive a demand letter or lawsuit after using our services. does not guarantee that your website will be WCAG 2.0 AA or 2.1 AA conformant after using our services.

First of all, we very likely will not be able to get to all of the accessibility issues on your website within 3 hours.

Second of all, plaintiffs’ lawyers can decide to sue you for any reason.  ADA compliance / web accessibility is a highly litigious area where many plaintiffs’ law firms send out template demand letters and file template lawsuits.

We cannot stop litigation.

We can, however, reduce the chances that you receive a demand letter.

What’s Not Included

In order to keep our remediation service affordable, we do not include the following in our $799 remediation price:

  • formal reports (audits, etc.)
  • documentation
  • consultation
  • education (but this is available in the ADA Compliance Course)
  • technical support
  • phone support
  • other supplemental work
  • third-party accessibility

Complex websites and other dynamic digital assets (e.g., special mobile apps, games, software, etc.) may not be eligible for this service.

Our remediation service is simply we find website accessibility issues and fix them for you.

We can provide additional services upon request.

We answer email ( for all questions regarding this service.


Are you making automated fixes or using an overlay?

No.  All fixes are made by hand, by a professional developer.

Are you really working during these three hours?

Yes.  Many times developers charge less per hour but stretch time so they end up making the project cost bigger.  We don’t do that.  We get right to work and make sure your three hours are spent efficiently and effectively.

We want to maximize your return by putting in concentrated work hours.

If we take a break to pet the dog, get a snack, etc., the clock stops.

How long is the expected turnaround time?

Currently within two (2) weeks.

Why two weeks?

Mainly because there are other clients ahead in the queue.

Can you fix third-party integrations?

No, unless we have full access to the code.  If access is limited or difficult, we will not edit third-party integrations (e.g., chat bot, social feed embed).

Can you fix website builder websites like SquareSpace, Wix, Godaddy, and Shopify?

To the extent we can edit the code, yes.  Note that we will be limited in how much we can edit if the platform does not provide access.

These platforms have undergone changes in their approach to accessibility in recent years so we can assess their general edit-ability before an order so long as you provide access to your website.

With all of these platforms, basic edits are provided for.

Can you fix WordPress CMS sites?


Is payment required upfront?


Can I get the Remediation Service without the course?

No.  You can only get the service (or other services) with a course membership.  Think of it like a Costco purchase, you must be a member to get access to the deals.

Can I place a custom order (e.g., fix claims made in a demand letter)?

Yes, but custom orders will usually cost more.

What does the quick status note say after you hit 3 hours?

We provide a 100 – 150 word breakdown of the status of your website after our remediation.

This will speak to where we left off and what we recommend you focus on going forward.

This is meant to be brief so we maximize time spent remediating your website and not creating a long report that doesn’t make your website more accessible.

Get Started

To get started, purchase the ADA Compliance Course and fill out the Remediation order form.

Note: As we have soft launched this service on March 7, 2021, we are still working on finishing the ADA Compliance Course materials.  We will add on the itemized cost of the course to your invoice and then send an alert with your login when the course is ready on March 17.