ADA Website Compliance Kit

ADA Book cover

Do you need someone to do everything for you? offers everything you need (manual audit and remediation services) at fair prices to make your website fully WCAG conformant.  Visit the services page to see prices or email me at

Also, my ADA Compliance Course is training as an SOP or step-by-step instructions that you can give your web team.  This is highly effective at stopping ADA website lawsuits.

Update: My new book, The ADA Book is now available on Amazon.  This book is a must-have and will give you insider knowledge on how digital accessibility works and what the legal landscape is.

The ADA Book is the perfect compliment to my ADA Compliance Kit. The ADA Book gives you the context to understand how to best leverage the documents inside the Kit.

My ADA Compliance Kit helps you follow the three most important best practices for ADA Compliance:

  • Make your website is WCAG 2.1 conformant
  • Publish an accessibility statement
  • Provide methods for support and feedback

I have made this Kit completely free to download. Here are three documents that will help you follow best practices:

Kris’s WCAG 2.1 AA Checklist (PDF – downloads / opens in this tab)

Kris’s WCAG 2.1 AA Guide (PDF – downloads / opens in this tab)

Kris’s Accessibility Statement Template (PDF – downloads / opens in this tab)