ADA Website Compliance Lawsuit Settlement Amounts

I speculate that 80% of website accessibility litigation settles for between $7,000 and $17,000. On the extreme ends $3,000 on the low side and then $23,000 on the higher side. ADA Compliance Course My course tells you exactly what accessibility issues the most active law firms are looking for and how to find and fix … Read more

Are Wix Websites ADA Compliant? I Reviewed Their Accessibility Page

Wix has taken an updated approach to accessibility with their website builder and they’ve been proactive and so I’m on the page and I’m going to go through it and provide my thoughts from a legal lens, in terms of is this helping with litigation and preventing demand letters and complaints being filed. Let’s … Read more

WCAG 2.1 AA Guide for Beginners or Experts (Plain English)

If you need help understanding the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), my guide is completely free and is downloadable right now without any email subscription. Features: Not every detail or exception for each success criterion is covered, but the essence of each success criterion is there. I’ve organized it by the by version 2.0 and … Read more

Why Manual Website Accessibility Audits (for ADA Compliance) Cost So Much

Below are the reasons website accessibility audits cost multiple thousands of dollars. High Specialized Skill The technical knowledge and experience necessary to perform a manual audit is a rare skill set in the marketplace.  It takes a considerable amount of time and energy to gain this knowledge and experience.  And not only is knowledge of … Read more

How to Certify a Website as ADA Compliant in 2023

Because there are no governing bodies (i.e., legal authorities) that certify websites as “ADA compliant”, the two best paths to website accessibility certification are a conformance statement and user testing report. We will see more of a market demand for certification in 2023 as demand for accessible websites, products, and services continues to surge. Conformance … Read more

2023 ADA Website Compliance Updates

There are multiple notable updates for the website ADA compliance legal landscape for 2023: Let’s touch on each. “ADA Website” Litigation Decreases I fully expect the number of demand letters and lawsuits filed in state and federal court to decline in 2023.  California and New York, the two most litigious states when it comes to … Read more

WCAG 4.1.2 Custom Components Are Accessible

For all user interface components (e.g. forms, links, scripts, controls, etc.), the name and role of those components is coded in.  Also, any states, properties, and values set by the user can be programmatically updated so browsers and assistive technologies are aware of and reflect changes. This success criterion applies specifically for custom components such … Read more

WCAG 4.1.1 Use Good, Clean Code

Your website should comply with best practices and standards for coding. Any significant errors in code should be fixed. What to do? Resources Plain English Explanation This is a very broad and sweeping requirement. It makes sure that browsers, screen readers, and other assistive technologies can analyze and make your website’s code understandable (“parse” is … Read more

WCAG 3.3.4 Prevent Serious Errors

Make suggestions on how to fix errors on forms. For any web pages that have important implications (legal commitments, rights waivers, spending money, scheduling reservations, etc.), make sure that at least one of the following options is available: What to do? Examples of Big Implications Resources Plain English Explanation All 3.3.4 is getting at is … Read more

WCAG 3.3.3 Error Suggestions

Make suggestions on how to fix errors on forms if an input error is automatically detected. What to do? Resources Plain English Explanation This looks very familiar, right? 3.3.3 is an extension of 3.3.1.  Whereas 3.3.1 requires notification of errors, 3.3.3 takes it a step further by requiring suggestions and instructions to help users correct … Read more