WCAG 1.2.3 Audio Description or Full Text Description of Video

For all prerecorded video files, there must be either an audio description or a full text description. An audio description provides important information (e.g. actions, characters, scene changes) during pauses in the dialogue of a video. A full text description provides all visual information contained in the video. Think of it as a text transcript … Read more

WCAG 1.2.2 Closed Captions for Video with Audio

For all prerecorded video files, there must be synchronized and accurate closed captions. What to do? Note that closed captions are more than subtitles. Subtitles merely convey dialogue. Closed captions also include any important sounds in the video (e.g. door slamming, background music, etc.) Here’s a great distinction between the two from Matinee.co.uk: Subtitles assume … Read more

WCAG 1.2.1 Alternatives for Audio-Only and Video-Only Content

For all prerecorded video-only files (no dialogue) and/or audio-only files (no video), make a text transcript available. You may also record a synchronized audio track (or audio description) of what is happening inside the video as an alternative to the text transcript. What to do? Resources Plain English Explanation Here we’re focused on media files … Read more

WCAG 1.1.1 Text Alternatives for Non-text Content

All non-text content (images, video, audio, buttons, and content that isn’t relayed by text) needs to have a text alternative that conveys the same information found in the content. Purely decorative content (e.g. dividing line between nav bar and content) does not need alt text. What to do? Resources Plain English Explanation This success criteria … Read more